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Extremely disappointed. I must have read the city and the farm blue truck stories to my son 100 times each. This is a baby picture book and will not keep a toddler interested. It’s not even a very good baby book. Do not buy if you are looking for a new blue truck story. This has no story at all. I’m not saying the story isn’t good. I’m saying there isn’t a story at all. 2 stars is probably generous.

I pre-ordered this book as my son loves the other Little Blue Truck books, but this one just stinks. Had I read it in a store first rather than pre-ordered it online, I never would have purchased it. The book is completely lacking in originality and content. Each page says little more than “yoo-hoo” and then you lift a flap to see an animal’s babies with hardly any additional text. I was hoping for more full sentences or rhyming like in the original book … this book doesn’t even have a nice flow to it when reading aloud. Very disappointing. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

I was surprised by the negative reviews of this book. My 15-month-old fell in love with Little Blue Truck, so I took a chance and got this book for her for Easter. It is so cute and she loves it! There isn’t a real story like in the original or Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, but this book is just as sweet and beautifully illustrated as the others. Its pages are a better quality than Little Blue Truck’s Christmas, too — durable to stand the test of little grubby hands pulling on the flaps. My daughter loves pointing out all of the animals in this book. And though there isn’t a real plot other than Blue and Toad going for a drive, the book is written in the same sing-song fashion as all of the others.

We are huge fans of the “Little Blue Truck” series! But this is by far the least favorite of the books. It’s like the classic “Beep-Beep” got switched with “Yoo-Hoo”….Stick with what works, the kids LOVE saying, “BEEP, BEEP”!

My son was so excited for the new book but we read it once and he was over it. Unlike the original “Little Blue Truck” and “Little Blue Truck’s Christmas” both of which I have memorized from reading repeatedly!

Illustrations are great as always and I like the baby animals but it is boring and there are very few words. Did not hold my sons attention like the other Little Blue Truck books.

↓↓ Download Little Blue Truck’s Springtime by Alice Schertle PDF EPUB Book ↓↓