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Piece of Qilin: A Fantasy Romance (Haret Chronicles: Qilin Book 7)

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Open Path, closed minds.
The mages and the fae aren’t letting go of their differences. They’re both willing to go to war for domination, even if it tears Haret apart.
It’s time to stop hoping for compromise and start flexing my magical muscle.
I just need a way to shelter the innocent. I can’t protect everyone, and I still have a long list of tasks from Iaga. We’ve been moving from city to city, and we need a home base.
Not everyone will make it out of this alive.
A lot of Haret’s history was buried, and uncovering it just might start an avalanche of trouble. The future can still be bright, as long as we keep our sights on that rainbow and the light it represents.
I’m Carlyle Licorne, and I’m fighting for my happily-ever-after.
Ready to find out how fierce this Qilin can be? Scroll up now to finish this sexy series!

Reverse Harem – one girl loving six guysMedium Burn – harem collection over several booksSteamy – suitable for eighteen and up, some MM
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