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Eat clean, get lean!

Losing weight can be simple―get back to basics on your plate, save time and money, and train your body to move, and excess pounds will slip away.

The bestselling author of SHRED and The Clean 20 cracks the code for all of us who live in the modern world where we’ve lost touch with what real food is―and how good it tastes―and what our bodies are designed to do. Dr. Ian wrote Clean & Lean to put what he knows about nutrition and physiology in one place, and to motivate you to:
–Use the power of intermittent fasting to discover your optimal eating times each day
–Explore clean eating with 30 (!) fresh, real foods that you can combine endlessly for meals and snacks
–Try his day-by-day 30-day diet plan that tells you just what to eat, while still giving you loads of options
–Get up and move: customized exercise plans for all fitness levels won’t wear you out, but will energize you and accelerate your results
–Take off up to 15 pounds in 30 days!

The book and was part of the Facebook group allowed to do the first 9 days before the book came out. I lost 3 pounds in one week which is AMAZING for me, I’m already sleeping much better at night, and my cravings significantly decreased.

The best thing is I don’t feel deprived and feel this is something I can do for the rest of my life.

Another reviewer gave it 1 star because they said Most IF’ers do Keto or low carb.

Well, this is for those who do NOT want to do Keto/Low carb, but would like to try Intermittent fasting which has benefits in itself without having to do Keto/Low Carb.

For many Keto/Low Carb is not sustainable over the long haul. I tried Keto and felt deprived.

I love how Dr. Ian incorporates intermittent fasting with clean eating. This plan is so easy to follow and has been the reason I’ve been able to shed some pre menopausal weight gain!! I will be 50 this year and have struggled to find the right AND healthy way to get my body back in sync so when I shed 15 lbs after just 26 days of Clean & Lean, I was beyond happy!!
This plan will walk you through 30 days but more then that, if you need support, join Dr. Ian’s fb groups. He is live in the groups daily answering questions and providing support. The way he connects with people is truly unique and I really appreciate how he takes the time to encourage and support people daily.
If you’re on the fence about this one, JUMP because I’m so glad I did. I’m on vacation right now and my shorts are LOOSE from losing weight. Not a bad problem to have!

This is a common sense approach to eating – there is nothing earth shattering about it. It adds in a component of intermittent fasting in addition to a clean eating approach. Menu plans are kinda sporadic-you can choose to have whole wheat pasta with sauce and protein or you can have a green salad. How are those equivalent options in calories and macros?

The inclusion of the 5/2 intermittent fasting method is causing mass confusion on the Facebook group for this plan. This should have been left out.

I am grateful I found this plan though as it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get back to healthier eating, and in less than two weeks I’m down 7 lbs. The book gives good suggestions for meals, and I appreciate the flexibility.

↓↓ Download Clean Lean 30 Days 30 Foods a New You by Ian K. Smith M.D PDF EPUB Book ↓↓